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Mike is a fiction novel which is based on a very controversial subject. Human trafficking! It is a filled with action and suspense. You will not want to put this novel down. As you follow along with Mike on a journey he didn't choose to take but, was chosen for him by his new found family. This novel was written with you the reader in mind, as you will soon see when you learn you are actually with Mike on his dangerous journey into the world of human trafficking. It will leave you guessing right up to the end and then some.
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Reginald John Dunn has completed two fiction novels and a collection of short stories. The first novel is Dreamer which was published in 2010. The second novel Mike was published in 2011. Reginald is employed as a full time Boilermaker who also possesses three trades in total. He’s a Welder, Fitter Structural Steel Fabricator and a Boilermaker, as well as being certified as a Health and Safety/Environmental Representative. Also, as a second job, was the part time Welding Instructor at the local college for five years. Reginald also writes a weekly Blog at www.dunnsdogpause.com, which is devoted to correcting behavior problems in dogs. Writing was a passion Reginald discovered later in life. The reason being, writing is a very time consuming endeavor, one which there was not much time for while working full time and raising three amazing children. He is making up for lost time now! Hope you enjoy his fiction writings.

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