A Life Aligned With Mary Magdalene
A Life Aligned With Mary Magdalene
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A Life Aligned with Mary Magdalene is a modern-day fairy tale worthy of dalliance, uniting spiritual and human sides of nature. The story is of a soulful reunion with love, honor, trauma, triumph, and faith intertwined. Born in Europe, Renee Michelle Christian's family relocated back to the States with the military. Feeling her soul is misplaced, she longs to find her Prince Charming who connects her to her roots.

A Life Aligned With Mary Magdalene

"Give me a hug," he asked again.

Mary said she'd pretend to be his mother and hug him; thus, it would beinnocent. She felt great as he turned his cheek, and she planted a fake kissand put her arms around his shoulders without actually touching his body andpretended to squeeze him tight. "I'm so proud of you," she said.

Mary had a revelation and told him she knew now what it was that she hadcome here to see him about and asked if she could approach him. Mary beganto describe her journey and how along the way she had felt forsaken at timesby God. She realized and said, "It was during those times that he was carryingme." A feeling of true connection washed over Mary as she hadn't ever feltbefore in her life. Suddenly she felt the most phenomenal sensation—theSpirit lifted Mary's feet up off the floor as her arms became extended to theside like Jesus on His cross as she was placed down at the footsteps of herPrince Charming. As if to validate indeed He had been carrying her. She hadthe realistic sensation of Jesus wrapping His arms around her waist. Maryturned her head slightly to acknowledge the Spirit with a warm feeling andsmile. The Spirit of Jesus moved out to her right side with His arm wrappedaround Mary's waist; in exchange, Mary had her arm wrapped around theSpirit's waist. To the audience, it looked like a ghost. They couldn't see it butcould almost feel its presence through Mary. A few members of the audiencespoke up. "I believe in this sort of thing." The Spirit then touched its foreheadto Mary's forehead, as if closing the V in the photo of the Last Supper asThe Da Vinci Code has identified its significance. D. Brown (fictional writings)made to be radical claims purporting to be historical truths. Unfortunately,history cannot be written simply on the basis of what makes sense. (i.e.: Thenatural man concept). The Da Vinci writings were 'legendary' accounts onlywith no Biblical evidence. She felt deliverance. Her Prince Charming staredinto the space.

As she began walking to her seat, he asked, "What does it feel like?""In order to describe what it feels like, I'll have to show you a picture." Thewords came out of her.

Presenting it to him as if they were in an art museum, she described a bigpicture with an antique frame. The background was that of a blue-gray skywith two cherubs holding on to a swirl of a cloud."How do you know about the picture?" he asked.

"I don't know as I'd never seen it before."

"Then how do you know about the picture?"

"Jesus just told me to tell you about it."

"Where can I find this picture?"

"I would start in the museums. But when you find the picture, you have topromise you will believe in me forever and ever, amen."

"Forever and ever, amen," he replied.

"Jesus told me to tell you to start in the Vatican. It's there as a long-losttreasure waiting for you to find. Jesus will make sure that it pops out at you."

He asked Mary to stand up front and center to the audience and talk abouther marketing idea for their product, which she did willingly as she presented athirty-second commercial idea when she started hearing word for word and beatfor beat music in her ears. It was loud and clear to her, but the audience could nothear it. Her commercial skit ended with a dance. She felt this oh-so-good feelingand sexual chemistry as he began dancing with her. Clearly the Spirit of Jesus hadtaken over their feet. The director of HR suggested they looked good out theretogether. "I wish I had a camera, you would have wanted to see that," she said.

The meeting now coming to a close, he knelt beside Mary as she sat in herchair. They looked deeply into each other's eyes. "You love me, don't you?"he asked. Mary felt herself sink into his arms. He stood up with a jolt. "I cansee what your customers like about you. I like it a lot!"

"You like her?" one of the partners who had been a Jekyll in the audience asked.

"You're going to find that picture, you know," Mary said. "It's a long-losttreasure at the Vatican, and Jesus is going to make it easy for you to find."

The Jekyll crowed, "Picture."

"I'm going to send you some pictures from my youth," Mary added, "to see ifyou remember me."

The Jekyll crowed, "Pictures."

Mary became livid with his constant chuckling and disrespect. Standing up tohim, she said, "You're going to respect me. If I go out of here, I'm going downlike a legend."

The president brought her in front of the audience again.

"What would you say to them?" he asked her.

She began telling members of the audience that she appreciated their supportover the years.

"You made the President's Club," he told her, "and I'm taking you to Europe."Mary jumped for joy.

The next thing she knew, she heard the music in her ears again and started todance. It was so clear, so real.

Leaning into his ear, she said, "You hear that music as clearly as I do, don'tyou? Why does it seem nobody else can hear the music but us?"

"Why do you think that is?" he asked.

"I think it's the angels playing their harps." She was confident this was the realanswer.

"I'll be back in a month, and we'll continue our conversation over dinner," hesaid. "We're going to be partners."

"What does that mean, partners?"

"Friends," he said.

"Oh, definitely, I would love to be friends with you. In fact, I feel like I've knownyou for a really long time already!" Mary said.

"We're going to be business partners," he said.

"What are the t's and c's of this business partnership? You know, terms andconditions?" she asked.
Born in Europe, Mary's family relocated back to the States with the military. Feeling her soul is misplaced, she longs to find her Prince Charming who connects her to her roots. A modern-day fairy tale worthy of dalliance, uniting spiritual and human sides of nature. The story is of a soulful reunion.
Exciting, adventurous, profound and interesting. Examples of life altering events. Open to analysis and intriguing subject line.
Renee Michelle Christian 
What an amazing story! An inspiration to the young! I laughed, cried and felt empowered! Can't wait for the next one! You are an inspiration and you don't even realize it yet! Keep writing. Your story will help all!!
Paula Brennan 
I'm about halfway finished Renee! It is a very good book! I can't hardly put it down! I really look forward to sharing it with others and any opportunities to work with you in the future!

That was a very good ending! It also kept the reader wanting more! I know you have more in store! Who have you talked to about adapting this as a screenplay?

Rodney Cox 

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