Food For Thought
Food For Thought
An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness
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"Food For Thought: An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness" By George J. Febish and Jo Anne Oxley

You Make Your Own Luck!
How to Change Your Health Luck!
We have more Control Than we Think!

American health is getting worse and people actually believe that getting old equates to getting ill. Co-authors George J. Febish and Jo Anne Oxley declare that this is absolutely not true. People are empowered to be as healthy as they can be. People do not have good or bad genes. The problem is that genes are being turned ON or OFF, which causes health or illness. In Food For Thought: An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness, the authors reveal what turns genes on and off and how people can control these switches. In this book, readers can explore two new fields of biology that impact the quality of life. Epigenetics is the study of how human genes are switched on and off. For example, cancer genes can either be turned on or off and tumor fighting genes can be turned on or off. Nutrigenomics is the study of how different foods cause epigenetic switches to our genes. It is a mapping of which foods switch on or off which genes. The state of one’s health is not random nor is it luck. It is the sum of all the decision a person makes in his of her life. It includes foods eaten and those not eaten, how one thinks, what one believes in as well as the physical environment one lives in. Food For Thought: An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness will teach readers how they can control life changing switches to improve their health, lifestyle, and mental attitude. Each one is responsible for his or her health. Doctors and the government are not responsible. Making the right decisions and living a better life is everybody’s choice.
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George J. Febish: An entrepreneur and computer executive for most of his career, George co-founded two companies, taking one public, and has published several books and numerous articles. He has been engaged as a speaker on numerous occasions by Microsoft and others. George graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in physics and has always had an interested in DNA and how our bodies actually work. During his years working in the computer industry, it occurred to him that DNA was so much like a computer program. After hearing about epigenetics, he read everything he could find on this new field. George is also interested in why, in an age of new drugs, therapies and break-throughs, Americans are getting sicker and why the best we seem to be able to do is help them live longer with their illnesses, rather than cure them. Jo Anne Oxley: Jo Anne has had a collection of intimate in-depth experiences with the medical industry. For most of her career, Jo Anne has worked in the medical industry in electronic medical record software sales and also as practice administrator to various specialty physician groups. She has also had the misfortunate experiences of having a daughter who has suffered a chronic, but largely undiagnosed illness for over a decade, and a husband who was diagnosed and succumbed to a terminal illness. While Jo Anne feels that the medical industry is doing the best it has been trained to do, she is convinced that the emphasis must change to how an individual can stay healthy, rather than how to treat them once they become ill.

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