The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins
The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins
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The Joy In The Morning And A New Day Begins is all about healing, positive thinking, joy, encouragement, inspiration, the awareness of autism, peace, faith, hope and love. In this collection the author has combined a variety of poems, some old and many new ones for all to read. Along with the variety of poems the author gives her testimony what inspired her to write. She shares her story about a time that impacted her life greatly that involved her son with autism and two police officers, and how it empowered her to advocate for a statewide training program for police officers to be aware of and recognize persons with special needs. Readers will be truly inspired by this collection of poems. In the poem "Thank you For This Day" the author expresses about healing and begining again. Other familiar poems are "Gathering Stones" "A New Day" "Accepting" and many more. In the poem "The Child That Plays Alone" the author invites you to her personal experiences living with autism as she pleads for a better understanding of her son´s uniqueness. Also in this collection the author has a chapter of poems she has dedicated to family that includes "Daddy" "Bryan" "Mother I Thank You." Poems that the author shares about inner peace includes "God´s Peace" and "The Joy In The Morning" and many more. And there are poems the author shares about peace and love in the world includes "What Matters Is Love" and "A Time A Season And Always Love." As you read this collection of poems, may it inspire you to read over and over again, encourage you to share with others and bring you that "Joy in the Morning" we all long for, to have for each and every moment of each and every day. The author´s desire hopes is that this collection will bring joy, peace, and much love to all those who read it, and most importantly touch many lives all over the world.
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Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, author, poet, entrepreneur, and disability advocate who resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and son John. Doris takes the inspiration for her poetry from an unfortunate incident that involved her 18-year-old son with autism and two police officers in December1993. She was empowered to advocate for a statewide training program Recognizing Special Needs for police officers to recognize persons with special needs. And through this period of Doris’ life her writing began. Through her many variety of 500 poems of inspiration, she has traveled to many book signing events a total of over 300 book signings across the country. She is the author of two books A Blessing, Caring& Sharing and Faith, Hope & Love. She also does readings for nursing homes, churches, schools and the community. Doris continues to travel across the country to numerous of book signings and poetry readings. Her son is her inspiration to write. And her most desire hopes is that her poems will be an inspiration for many all over the world.
One of the (many) reasons why I gave up sbntimtiug my poems to magazines was that when I did get an acceptance, the choice would be for the poem I'd included as filler rather than for the poem I wanted to see published.Truth is I don't read my poems the way other people read them. I know what my poems are supposed to be saying whereas the casual browser doesn't have such luxury. The poems I think are my best are the ones where I've worked in 2 or 3 layers of meaning/interpretation which work well for me, but which rarely work for the reader because they only spend enough time with the poem to get the surface meaning (if that).One of my most important poems (for me, anyway) has never been commented on in any detail, despite being posted to various fora and newsgroups. I assume it's because people are nervous of the content rather than because it's poorly written or just not likeable.I enjoyed Revelations on erato. I thought it was strange so many commenters are already trying to rank the selected poems. But it's nice to see poems being selected on their own merits, rather than on the hierarchical importance of the author.Today's verification: moodz.

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