The Color of Thunder
The Color of Thunder
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Faith Linsey comes from a highly regarded family in Jackson, Mississippi. As the oldest daughter of a well liked pastor and his dutiful wife, her life is good and comfortable and she has no reason to question the things that take place around her. When she witnesses something that shakes her to her very core, she realizes that the world she's always known may not be as picture perfect as she'd always imagined...and that her father may not be the respectable hero everyone believes him to be.
Faith's story begins in 1946, soon after the end of World War II, and moves straight into the heat of the Civil Rights Movement. She is forced to deal with the questions she has, not only about her father, but about the unshakable convictions that he and many of his fellow southerners share about racial equality and about the very religion she's been taught to believe in.
Events that take place, not only in her personal life but in the world at large, and a very unsuspected and special friendship she becomes involved in will make Faith decide what it is she truly believes in, what things are important enough to fight for and what things are not.
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J.C. Wing, a Colorado native, lives with her husband and two children in southwest Germany. The Color of Thunder is her first novel. Find out more about the author by visiting her at:
J.C. Wing describes the characters and their environment so well that you are transported with them to Jackson, Mississippi during the 1940's and 1950's. You feel the breezes and smell the flowers right along with Faith. The author also keeps you engaged in the story so that you want to find out what happens next to the characters. I especially loved the character Gracie.

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