Acting Lessons in ''Real Life''
Acting Lessons in ''Real Life''
Take the Guesswork Out of your Performance
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Declarations of social and professional protocol_ from an inside look at the wows and woes of teachings, learning, and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations. An educator’s manual: designed in diverse stages, with the most obvious intent to induce a more competitive style of thinking outside the box, and a greater sense of self-worth, confidence, and independence. Acting Lessons in Real Life‘s explicit narratives are without a doubt, “an energy boost to a dispirited ego, and a jumpstart to one’s own self-image.” It is by far; more effective than Behavior Management, Relationship Counseling, or the Physic Hotline. . And “a whole lot more fun.” Recommended for educators, parents, and people in leadership.
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V Daniels Adkins is the Founder/Director & CEO of Passions Enterprises (motivational promotions & intercultural communications) in Richmond, Virginia. As a Professional Image Consultant, Beauty Instructor/Trainer, Freelance Writer and Theatrical Director_ she professes that Image plays a significant role in everyone’s life, and that “It changes the way the world sees you. . and emphatically changes the way you see the world.” Holding firm to her philosophy, she creates and produces a series of motivational programs and made her directing debut in her 1984 stage production - “Everyone Dreams of Being a Star“ She is a backstage, behind the scenes’ facilitator, and a taskmaster at transforming circumstantial dilemmas, into proactive expeditions. Adkins is taking it a bit more personal in her revelation of “Acting Lessons in Real Life,“ and keeping the spotlight on the performance.

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