Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy
Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy is a synopsis of the love experience. It is a message that must be heard. The fairy tale stories about love are not sufficient in the real world. Joyce Marie Jones has provided the poetry world with a much needed book that can be shared with mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. This author tells a passionate tale of love from the beginning poem. She describes the profound phases of loving someone. Included are descriptions of the ups and downs and in-between periods felt in a loving relationship. Although realistic in descriptions, the dialogue is uplifting and hopeful. We actually experience common everyday words that transport us to the Triumph of the love experience, "We strut to the melodious tones that bare once bridled desires. Both lean on the edge of anticipation as the romance unfolds." Ms. Jones pinpoints the intricacies of love. From the honeymoon phase to the heartbreak of dissolving a relationship. The book is arranged to de-mystify the human story that is often colored by lack of factual information. With a flair for manipulating the English language, Ms. Jones becomes a storyteller. The presentation of images that are universal in content makes this book a must read. You will find your own story in this book. Certainly you become a life character. Your own meaning of loving will be challenged by descriptors that are sometimes holy and sometimes taboo. Everyone needs to listen to the voice of Jones that is heard in this book. The book is erotic in pure form and pleasure will be gained by all readers. Tastefully written, Ms. Jones has created a masterpiece on the topic of relationships and love.
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Born in a college town, Joyce found an audience for her poetry. As Editor for The Poetry Factory Press at SIUC during undergraduate years, Joyce taught others the intricacies of writing and performing poetry. She was able to maintain a friendship with the late poet Gwendolyn Brooks and the late Literature Analyst, Dr. Maria Mootry. Joyce cites both as influencing her writing style and ability to maintain interest in everyday life events that are grounds for poetic expression. Since that time she has performed poetry throughout the United States. A retired Social Worker, she spends time writing.

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