(The Pirate Adventure continues…)
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I believe SILVER and HAWKINS to be a truly extraordinary and unrivaled follow-up to the most fascinating pirate and adventure story ever written by the author Robert Louis Stevenson's, Treasure Island. The Pirate Adventure Continues, Is Fun & Easy Reading, with a Simple Plot & a Surprise Ending that will be heartily relished by younger as well as mature adults. Will Good Conquer Evil or Will the Infamous Prevail? Find out matey's by reading my book SILVER and HAWKINS. For the die-hard fans the original characters that remained alive from Skeleton Island, are described in my book with the same persona and similar idiosyncrasies, just about a dozen years older. The new characters that I fictionalized, are introduced throughout the story bringing with them humor, romance, excitement, danger, murder, lies and deceit. Behaviors found in Men of Fortune are abounding in my story, “those who read it will be the lucky one!”. If the readers would like to visit my web-sites: and or send me an e-mail at or send me a comment at or
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I am retired and living in Florida, with my beloved wife Wanda and my dog Treasure. I grew up in Bellmore, Long Island, N.Y., and worked in many management jobs, real estate, and for the U.S.P.S. Now, I enjoy my life in the Villages, Florida, playing golf, going on my boat, seeing my wonderful family, good friends, and holding and kissing my grandson. My wife, my dog and I were in a terrible head -on collision, with an old pick-up truck. I wrote this story as therapy for myself to keep my mind off my broken bones and the excruciating daily pain that I was in. I always loved reading Treasure Island, So; I made up my own conclusions of what I hoped would transpire. When you matey's out there read my story, Silver and Hawkins, I hope you truly enjoy it and recommend it to your fellow pirate fans.... and don't forget, there is a clue in my book as to where I buried a Treasure Chest with $1000.00 in Coins.

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