Dissertation and Research Success
Dissertation and Research Success
Hands-on Coaching for Doctoral Success Before, During, and After Your Dissertation
Perfect Bound Softcover
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It would be easier to quit. Completing a doctoral program is not easy, and trying to complete a dissertation at the end of your program when the last of your energy and motivation is hanging by a string, can seem insurmountable. So, yes, it would be easier to quit. There are even individuals out in the world who proudly use the acronym “ABD” (all-but-dissertation) as their terminal “degree” on resumes, business cards and such. But in all honesty, I can tell you what ABD really stands for—quitting. You’ve invested too much time, energy and money into your doctoral experience to give up. With that being said, this is not an easy journey. Finding resources and support to help you navigate through your doctoral program in the most efficient and painless way is an absolute.
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Robin Buckley earned her Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology. She has 15 years of experience working in clinical and public school settings, as well as within higher education administration and instruction. She currently facilitates online doctoral courses and chairs doctoral dissertations in the areas of Education, Business and Health Administration. Dr. Buckley also conducts executive coaching for business leaders in corporate and non-profit organizations. Her coaching practice also includes working with doctoral students in traditional and online programs, focusing on dissertation coaching and advising.

Timothy Delicath earned his Ph.D. degree in Higher Education Administration with a minor in research and Statistics from Saint Louis University. He has over 30 years of experience in secondary and post-secondary education as an educator and administrator. His roles include teacher, professor, director of institutional research, director of academic affairs, and other administrative positions. Timothy has facilitated online doctoral level courses for the past 12 years. He has also served as dissertation chair and committee member for both quantitative and qualitative studies. He has done consulting work in the areas of business process development, research study design and implementation, data-driven decision making, institutional research, strategic planning, and assessment and evaluation for multiple organizations.

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