When Thoughts Dance on the Rhythm of Love
When Thoughts Dance on the Rhythm of Love
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Perfect Bound Softcover
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It is the journey of my thoughts when they started flowing through various stages in my life. From emotions to writing, writing to reality and reality to love bells :). When thoughts dance on the rhythm of love, Then life takes a wonderful curve. Either it is happiness or it is sorrow, Just Love flows through your Nerves. Moments come when you´re sad, Bomb blasts, Recession and you lose your passion. But still ´A smile from a mile´, Reads the ´Silence´ in your eyes. You realize the signature of God, And you start happily drowning, In the falling Rain, with a ray of hope, And you´re almost blind. Nostalgic, full of life...I´m crazy now...need to re-visit crush days ;)! You never know...when thoughts become songs if you can sing well.

By profession, I'm a software engineer. I'm from the land of Saints, holy rivers, religions, languages...Yes you got it right...India...My Bharat...my motherland...where people are united inspite of various cultures no matter how they live, where they live. I've completed my Bachelor degree in Computer Science & Engineering in 2007. Inspirations are so many things and the living beings ;) as these many thoughts can't originate from a single source. Though, I will give credit to the God's beautiful creation a li'l, small and the whole world which is the part of milky way galaxy in this universe, that includes all of my friends, birds, people whom I don't know, people...whom I never said "Hi"...all living organism and non-living creations...who played a vital role in developing me as I'm today. Last but not the least...thought flow is a continuous process but when they dance...you won't be the same person as before!
Awesome and realistic :)
Kumari Sneh 
awesome book :)
Kumari Sneh  
Good one...Nice timepass:)

Read this book to soothen ur worries:)
nice book........heart touching......Everybody should read it.....

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