A Prince is a Prince No Matter How Odd
A Prince is a Prince No Matter How Odd
Casebound Hardcover
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A Prince is a Prince No Matter How Odd is not your typical story of a prince charming saving his damsel in distress. “Though their love was forbidden, this did not matter. Their love was too great, and rose above all the clatter.” Princes are people that can be found anywhere and within anyone. The princess learns this better than most when an unusual fellow steals her heart in this fanciful illustrated tale. With his dazzling good looks and off the wall humor, the prince will surely steal the heart of any young princess in search for her own prince.
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R.M. Massimo, a special education teacher from Pennsylvania, was born to a family of six kids. Two of his siblings have special needs, which inspired him to pursue his career. R.M. Massimo credits his determination, success, will to work hard and his creativity to his unique family life. He would like to thank all of his family and friends for their support and faith.

R.M. Massimo wrote A Prince is a Prince No Matter How Odd in 2010. He was proposing to his high school sweetheart whom is also a school teacher. Creating the illusion of getting the book published, he took her to a book store. On the shelves sat the book that intended to ask for her hand in marriage. How could anyone say no? R.M. Massimo wanted to share his tale of romance and love with the world, and so A Prince is a Prince No Matter How Odd was born.
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