a little bird told me...
a little bird told me...
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A Little Bird Told Me . . . is the tagline to Julie's company Tweeter Communications. From this thought branched an idea about a children's book. Good advice always seems to come from "a little bird." Therefore, the egg was hatched into the Tweeter nest and this book was born. With help from Julie's longtime graphic designer and illustrator, Kelly Mayer, the book took flight reminding children to eat healthy, exercise, be polite, eager to make new friends and more. A Little Bird Told Me is advice for both parent and child.
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Julie Bielenberg owns Tweeter Communications, a public relations and editorial services boutique in Denver, Colorado. She writes over 100 articles a year for various publications, Internet sites and mommy blogs about health, nutrition, style, travel, products and everything in between. Julie's son, "Hank the Tank”, and her newest addition in summer of 2011, Dora, brought much creativity, and inspiration for Julie's first children's book, A Little Bird Told Me, the first in a series of books teaching manners in a fun and unconventional manner. When not writing, Julie spends her time in the mountains with her husband and kids.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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