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MILTON GLASER'S LOVER by MARSHA ROSS is a book of eloquent, erotic and extremely engrossing thoughts on love. This is a literary creation of a highly imaginative author/artist. The book MILTON GLASER'S LOVER unravels some of the mysteries of life and relationships and the many complexities that come in between. It also poses the question of how far one is willing to go in finding true love and genuine happiness

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MILTON GLASER, the world famous artist, met Marsha Ross at the Aspen Design Conference when she was 23 years old. While Milton Glaser was already very famous in his forties, he made every effort to seduce her. He spent 15 years sending her art, calling her every morning and she couldn't resist the famous artist who dominated her life. Then one day, without explanation, he never spoke to her again, never answered a phone call, or an email. She was devastated. She tried to forget Milton and traveled twice around the world. In Africa she met the foreign minister of the Polisario, a Guerilla group fi ghting for their independence against Henry Kissinger's Green March. The US gave Morocco 2 million dollars a day in Napalm to exterminate the Polisario and steal the phosphates, the world's largest deposit (outside of Russia). She lobbied Washington to stop the napalm from the United States. "I had to help stop this genocide". Through UN diplomacy and weapons stolen from their enemies, the Polisario won and the Western Sahara is now a country on the map and Kissinger failed at his land grab. On her arrival home to Los Angeles, she opened her Art Gallery which can be viewed at, wrote poetry, did art and gradually found herself. She married a doctor who is a Psychiatrist, Internist and Surgeon

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