Mission to Saint Petersburg
Mission to Saint Petersburg
Perfect Bound Softcover
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MISSION TO SAINT PETERSBURG is a detailed account of the diplomatic history of Europe in the 1870´s. It centers on the career of the French Ambassador to Russia during that period. It relies upon extensive research in unpublished French, German, and Russian diplomatic correspondence.
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C.G. “Carl” Schott has the same qualification of many writers and poets—the most notable being an active imagination, and as years pass, a nostalgia that embellishes actual events with shades of glamour and romance. Nostalgia and embellishment also invite fantasy, longing, and humor and what better venue for these is there than poetry? Over the years, C.G. Schott has had many experiences that were indeed fantastic in retrospect, having fulfilled many roles including Husband, Father, Scholar, Ph.D., Historian, Spy, Fashion Buyer, Manager, Salesman, Recruiter, Entrepreneur, Lead Guitar, and Friend. Memories, dreams and inspirations are all around. Hopefully, his poems will reflect at least one encounter in the reader—even a single moment of existence-- and arouse in them more romantic, sweetly painful, or even humorous nostalgia. Carl lives in Tampa Florida with his wife Ilona-- the source of his most intense inspirations and fantasies through it all.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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