If My Past Wasn’t So Dark…My Future Wouldn’t Shine So Bright
If My Past Wasn’t So Dark…My Future Wouldn’t Shine So Bright
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During the time I was dealing with my mother and her reactions to Mike’s apparent abuse of me no one ever knew I had been victimized again, several times. The boyfriends at the time of my aunt Camille and Kim had been told of my abuse and apparently thought it was a good idea to try also. A part of me blamed my aunts for telling my secrets. I never spoke to anyone of these secrets out of fear of loosing more family. I know you’re probably reading this wondering why I didn’t tell anyone, well if you read the rest of this book I would think you could understand. I didn’t want to mess up anyone else’s home or happiness. I mean these were my aunts, the very people who were helping me through it all at the time. I didn’t think holding on to those secrets affected my life much but in the summer of 2010 I decided to release this burden. I told Camille of what her boyfriend had done to me crying through my entire confession. I begged her not to be mad at me and prayed this secret wouldn’t affect our relationship; after all we have become really close over the years. Camille couldn’t believe what I was saying although she wasn’t in denial, she had lots of questions and she began to cry also. She wanted to know if any of her other boyfriends had tried anything with me or to me and I told her no. Telling her the role her boyfriend played was like lifting a forty pound weight off my shoulders. Until this day I have not yet told Kim of what her boyfriend had done. He is actually responsible for taking my virginity. I figure it took me more that twenty years to tell Camille and although I will tell Kim, it’ll just take me more time to do so.
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Ms. Nique was born Monique L. Crusoe and is a single mother, poet and writer. She has written poetry for more than 15 years and has had it printed in several circulations including some local neighborhood newsletters. Ms. Nique initially used her poetry as a way to vent (get her feelings out) while dealing with some of the toughest times in her life and recently decided it would be better to let others read it because she believed she could inspire other people including single mothers in the world to follow their dreams. That is also what motivated Ms. Nique to author her new novel, “If my past wasn’t so dark… My future wouldn’t shine so bright. This book goes into vivid details about her life growing up and touches on many subjects she feels has had an effect on not only her but so many others as well. Ms. Nique self titles her self an advocate for the lost and unfound and joining in her mission to find her purpose she’s set out to motivate anyone she can by using her own life lessons to teach and encourage others. One of her favorite quotes is, “Appreciate life and all it has to offer.”-Ms. Nique She has held many titles, “Nursing Assistant”, “Employment Specialist”, “Receptionist”, and “Customer Service Representative”, but none of those titles seem to fit her personality like “Poet/Writer”. Ms. Nique initially self published her book, “The Definition of Me poetry written by a novelist”, in 2008 and then again in 2010 and now comes back to you with her new revealing novel, “If my past wasn’t so dark… My future wouldn’t shine so bright.” Since the publication of her book she also has gone and added other titles to her name like “Actress”, “Founder’, “Advocate” and “Novelist”. Ms. Nique can often be found performing in live shows as an opening/featured act, and headlining poetry slams and spoken word nights within the Minnesota Twin Cities and surrounding cities and states because poetry is her favorite past time.

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