The Well That Never Dries
The Well That Never Dries
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Sexually abused at a tender age, Charity grew up bitter and hateful of the world. Decades later, she crafts an open letter to her daughter Savannah relating her shady past and the gems of lessons she picked along the way.

As a child haunted by traumatic memories, Charity was difficult to deal with. She got involved with witchcraft and broke her aunt's (who raised Charity after her mother left) heart by playing games with her hard-earned money. Growing up, she formed an allegiance with friends Trish and Rhodam and depended on them for support. Both girls were there for her when she needed them in moments of distress and extreme sadness. Walking between them was what kept her going. It was not until both friends left her side that Charity felt powerless. Struggling to put her life together, Charity went to Samaria to visit the Well of Jacob. While there, she poured her heart out to Moshia the deliverer. Will Charity finally find peace and move on to the future without tagging along her heavily-shadowed past?



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Willia Winnie Momberere is also the author of The Print of His Hand and He Leads Me. She has the passion to reach out to people through writing.

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