The Guardians of Eden
The Guardians of Eden
Book One: Into Prophecy
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City of Akhetaten, 1336 BC “It is time for you to know what the oracle of Aten delivered unto your father at the hour of his final initiation. For this will be yours to carry.”

Dublin, Ireland, 2011 “The bottom line is Daniel, this isn’t just another museum piece. It is one of the greatest discoveries of this century—perhaps even this millennium. Akhenaten´s stela not only tells us about a future event. It’s telling us when it will occur. . . all that’s left is to find the next breadcrumb, some indication that the ancient king has returned, since nothing else happens until he, or she, shows up.”

“Daniel, I´ve talked to my research lab in Paris about the results of the children’s tests and if the analysis is accurate, some brand-new DNA and corresponding gene codes have been activated in both of them. In layman terms, the genetic chemistry of the children has changed significantly, giving them highly unique abilities. And according to the results, it appears that the catalyst was . . . .”

Imagine a story co-written by Dan Brown, Bruce Lipton and J.K. Rowling, and you will have The Guardians of Eden, Into Prophecy. Follow this fast-paced thriller as our young hero and his father stumble upon one of the most significant ancient prophecies – and greatest threats – ever to be exposed. And meet the young ones that will eventually bring it to pass.

      Fresh from the shower, Holly stood at her window looking at the Khafre Pyramid and rubbing the small of her back. The night in Amarna had gone well—easier than they had expected—and the mission a success. I'm getting too old to crawl around in cramped places, she thought, examining her bruised knees and cut hands. Grabbing the bottle of aspirin, she dumped out four pills, threw back her head, and swallowed them without water. He'll be online any minute. She sighed, turned up the audio and waited for the computer to notify her.

Dr. Holly Ann Lambroise had been looking at Khafre for five—maybe six—years, directing the Mapping Project. It was where she earned her salary, where a team of scientists were excavating a significant tract on the south side of the large stone boundary wall; where the digging was delicate and the progress slow; and where no one noticed how often she was gone for her other income.

A loud chirp announced a new message. Whoever invented Internet chat was a genius, she thought.

"Scorp," was all it said.
"Laughing Horse," she typed in reply, staring at the monitor.
"Got your text from Amarna. Well done."
"Upload pictures to site ASAP."
"Now? I'm major tired."
"Do it. Did you make a rubbing?"
"Yes. Camel has it."
"Better security."
"RETRIEVE! Council wants report and rubbing delivered in person."
"What? In person? How soon? Where? How am I going to . . ."
"No help from Mule. Horse and Camel only on report."
"Wait a minute . . . what changed? I must have Mule. This isn't our agreement . . ."
Holly's fingers froze in position. Message undelivered. Scorp had gone offline.


Yassid closed his well-worn journal and stretched the elastic band tight to keep it shut. Then carefully placing it at the very back of the bottom drawer underneath an old syllabus, he turned and locked the cabinet and sat back down behind his metal desk.
"Dr. Cohen?" the intercom spoke out.
"You have a visitor, sir. A Dr. Holly Lambroise from Egypt is here to see you."
Holly at Hebrew? What the hell does she want?
As soon as the door slammed, the fight started—shouts carrying well beyond his small office.
"What are you doing here?"
"I came for the rubbing and to tell you we are doing the report alone."
"Why? And you can't have it. This is the safest place for it. End of discussion."
"Don't ask stupid questions. They want the rubbing. Period. We have our orders, and we need to deliver our report in person this time. I don't have time to argue with you, Cohen. Give me the rubbing. We can work on it in London in a few weeks and crank out our report. In the meantime, I'm taking it for safekeeping."
"Don't be an idiot Lambroise. We both know what happens once they get our reports. Maybe that was okay for the other sites, but this one is different, and you know it. THEY know it. Why do you think they want the rubbing? Hmm? And don't want Daniel in on it?"
"Stop getting all sentimental. It's just a slab of rock. We were paid to do a job, and we're going to do it. This is nonnegotiable. Now hand it over. I have to get back to the airport." "Sorry, missy, that's your problem. The rubbing is in a safe place, and I'm not doing any report. Tell that to your Scorp. This one can't be destroyed. I won't let it."
"Now wait a minute, Cohen. Don't mess with the Council. I've been involved with this a hell of a lot longer than you have, and trust me, you don't want to mess with them. We have no idea who these people even are or what they could do to us."
"Fair enough. Tell you what. I'll help with the report only if we say the stela was below expectations . . . the carvings fell short . . . no clear prophesy. In other words, this wasn't the site they were looking for."
"Are you NUTS?"
"How will they know? We're the scientists here. We're the ones who crawled around in the dark to get it. We can make the report say whatever we want. There. That's my offer."
"I already uploaded the photos, dumb shit. These aren't stupid people, you know. Haven't you figured that out yet? I suggest you drop that attitude and give me the rubbing, or I'll have your ass canned from this university."
"And why would you do that? You bring me down, and I'll take you with me."
"I'm warning you, this is bigger than both of us . . ."


"Laughing Horse," she entered on the screen before taking off her coat.
"Laughing Horse," she typed again. Then fishing her cell phone from her pocket she checked if her text message had gone out earlier. Nothing.
"Urgent," her sweaty fingers spelled out on the keyboard.
"Scorp here. What's happened?"
"Camel showing resistance."
"How much?"
"Too much. Please advise."
"Send for Mule. Await further instructions."
A breath taking story, and as a father to a girl who have abilities this book really hit me in the heart and it is really well written.

Can't wait for Book 2 to be released :)

Great post Dave. When I was initwrg Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home, I was initwrg and editing and initwrg. I thought the product would market itself in quality and professionalism. Not so! And I'm learning the hard way that everything you have to say about the other half of the business' is true. The trouble is that in some of us, giftedness hasn't been doled out in that manner, and the marketing for me possesses the steeper learning curve.

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