The Room
The Room
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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The Room follows a quiet young girl named Larc as she lives day to day unnoticed at school and condemned at home by her foster mother, Charlotte. Every day is almost exactly the same. Routine begins to bore Larc and Charlotte becomes more and more impossible to live with. With only the comfort of her room to look forward to Larc slowly begins to fade within herself to find a new, freeing and terrifying self hidden within. Has Larc become someone else or is this who she really is inside?
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About the Author Eirin Beazey Martin is a native of Stuarts Draft, Virginia. She graduated from Stuarts Draft High School in 2007 and is currently working towards earning multiple degrees in the field of Biological Science. In her free time she likes to write, draw, paint, practice different martial arts, and play World of Warcraft. She decided she wanted to be a writer when she was seven years old, but was told it was foolish dream. This only made her more determined. Her favorite band, Disturbed, has been inspiring her to keep bettering herself and her writing since she first heard their music at age twelve.
WOW. what a great story. draws you into the possible. watch out king and poe you may have competition coming your way.
allen cyhanick 

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