The Shadow of a Shadow
The Shadow of a Shadow
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Young Georgie’s life couldn’t be much worse. His alcoholic mother and indifferent father make each day a test which he has difficulty passing. Simply to survive, he must escape to one of the few refuges left to him, but these places of sanctuary cannot completely protect him from the world. Eric’s life, however, is everything he could have hoped for. Loving parents, a fiancé he couldn’t imagine being without, his roommate is his best friend, and his upcoming college graduation all promise to propel him into the next phase of his life. As these two make their ways in very different worlds, events beyond their control push them to their limits. Georgie must deal with the increasing tension within the walls of his home while a murderer begins to stalk the streets of the city where Eric goes to school. As Eric’s love life begins to fall apart, he will have to fight to save not only his relationship, but his very life as well.
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David Felder was born in Pittsburgh and raised in its suburbs. He received his undergraduate degree in secondary education from Penn State and his master’s degree in English from Slippery Rock. He teaches English at a high school in Beaver County. He lives in that area – very happily, thank you very much – with his family.

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