Searching For Che
Searching For Che
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Searching For Che is about a man’s quest to find a childhood friend somewhere in Latin America. This novel follows a high school teacher from school tragedy on the hallowed grounds of a New York prep school to the remotest pueblos of Latin America. Will Dunlop is a high school teacher at the end of his tenure. Distracted by his impending divorce, he takes the blame for a tragic school shooting by one of his students. To save his career, he must travel to Latin America to find a childhood friend: Amy Phipps. Amy is the estranged daughter of a wealthy New England family. Obsessed with Che Guevara, she ran away from home to follow the steps of the late revolutionary figure. Using cryptic letters she sent her mother, Will travels from Mexico to Cuba to Guatemala to Bolivia searching for the girl who does not wish to be found. As he travels from pueblo to pueblo, he begins to think he’s being followed. Could it be the same person following the Phipps girl in her letters? Or could it be the effects from the malaria pills that have been giving him such strange dreams?
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Harold Anderson was born in Alexandria, Virginia and grew up an army brat, traveling with his family all over the world. He discovered his love of creative writing in high school and pursued a degree in English at The University of Virginia. Since then he’s worked as a telephone solicitor, golf course mower, and investment banker. After several years in New York City, he took a trip to Central America that inspired him to write his first novel, Searching For Che. In 2002 he moved to Colorado to be closer to skiing and the mountains. He has an MBA and is a Chartered Financial Analyst but has found the starving artist profession to be better paying. He currently lives in Colorado Springs.

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