Teeny Tiny People and Pets
Teeny Tiny People and Pets
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It’s a small world after all!

Let author Katherine Nepomuceno Uy take you to a wonderful world where people are as teeny tiny as their pets in Teeny Tiny People and Pets.

Be amused with her delightful collection of drawings, symbols, and witty sayings from teeny tiny people. Be guided on how to draw your very own teeny tiny people through her effortless tutorial. Be smarter as you delve into drawings, trivia and interesting fun-facts about pets. Be young. Be imaginative. Be creative!

Be excited too! After writing her very first book at the age of eight, Uy still plans to follow up her work and teases you with a sneak peek at a series of children’s stories about the adventures of a girl named Tessa.


Katherine Nepomuceno Uy lives with her mom and dad in Sacramento, California. Katherine is also the author of Teeny Tiny People and Pets. Her top five favorite colors are: purple, aqua, blue, green, and gold. She doesn’t have a pet, and Katherine is the only child.

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