The Journey of the Beautiful
The Journey of the Beautiful
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Journey of the Beautiful is a guide to living well and being beautiful regardless of what external circumstances bring. You have to embrace yourself at any stage within life, nourish your body the way it deserves, and love what you have. We always look for external validation and the only validation you ever need truly comes from within. The Journey of the Beautiful is a quick reference whenever you need a pick me up and embraces living life the best way possible.
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Corey Christen is a force of positive energy, in his own life and continues to inspire the people around him. He is constantly uplifting and bringing out the greatness of others. His knowledge of life and principles of living well are transcended in this work. He is attached to his own spirit and learning how to embrace being beautiful on the inside; has been a never ending goal. Corey has inspired many through his tutoring skills and humor. The Journey of the Beautiful is a work of brilliance from a young soul that is here with a mission of meaning. Corey is a science major and aspiring college professor; with an underlying calling to help others. This book is truly the start of a life of dedication to something larger. His trials have taught him peace, love and most of all meaning within his life.

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