Blood Rose
Blood Rose
A Legacy Reborn
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Ever since Rose's mother died, she has planned her escape from her abusive step-father. Now she has finally managed to leave, and head to a cabin in the Montana hills where she and her mother had spent many happy days together. There, Rose begins to understand her own special abilities. As well as uncovering the secrets of her Chippewa legacy left behind for her by her mother. Before Rose was even born her grandmother a great ‘Chippewa seer’, enlisted Cole, a beautiful immortal man to look after Rose and protect her from the 'evil ones'. Together Rose and Cole embark on a journey that twists them through family secrets, unforeseen dangers, powerful abilities and unstoppable love.
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Lisa Hornsby was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. She is a single mom to her two sons. Lisa is an accomplished craftsman, and artist who is always looking for new and different ways to creatively express herself. 'Blood Rose, A Legacy Reborn ' is her first published novel .Lisa now spends her free time enjoying the company of her three dogs, in the beautiful Redwood forest that surrounds her rural home.

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