A Treasury of Prayer, Praise & Worship Vol.3
A Treasury of Prayer, Praise & Worship Vol.3
1067 examples based on verses found in Isaiah to Revelation
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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A Treasury of Prayer, Praise & Worship is the outcome of a verseby- verse journey through every book in the Bible. This journey undertaken by this author has yielded a total of over 2,000 samples of communicating with God in acknowledgement of His benefi cence, His magnifi cence, and His ultimate and unique Supremacy. This book does not only walk the reader through the scenic corridors of the awesomeness of our Lord, God Almighty, but it furnishes the soul with what it takes to navigate those corridors responsively in a manner that transcends the disconnectedness of ritualistic routine. Prayer, Praise and Worship is an educational adventure that connects with God’s principles of prosperity, His treasures of Grace and mercy, the lifestyle riches of His wonderful ways, and the guidance and peace of His faithful responses – and yes – He does respond.
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Dr. Chase has been described as an accomplished individual. As an Artist (fine arts) and Stained Glass and Interior Beautification Craftsman – he creates royal interior settings from his ornate architectural designs in honor of the Royalty of the Believer in Christ and the Majesty of the Kingdom of God. Skilled in Commercial Art, this Poet and Theologian has also been described as a prolific Writer with dozens of completed non-fiction manuscripts to his credit. While he enjoys designing and building Tropical Waterfalls and doing carpentry and creative masonry, this Motivational Speaker has been a Pastor of several churches followed by a very fruitful God-glorifying International Evangelistic and Deliverance Ministry. As the Founder and Head of KPL Kingdom-Builders, Life Enrichment Correspondence Institute and ChaseCraft, this fourteen-time Self-published Author of several genres – including “300 Steps to Walking As Jesus Walked” (out of print) is pursuing a goal of creating a gifts-based model for Kingdom-building funding for the global Body of Christ. His passion for Kingdom-building is fueled by the Parable of the Talents and of our Lord Jesus Christ being worthy of riches, glory and blessing…. (Rev. 5:12)

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