Kitten ''Catches'' Kindness
Kitten ''Catches'' Kindness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What’s a younger sibling to do when her older brother tells her to reverse the decision she has made? Prince and Princess are two sibling dogs who are loving and close, but reach a tearful conflict as Princess’ kindness and compassion is challenged by Prince. Will Princess obey her older brother or follow her heart? This is the big question Princess has to answer in author Dorothy Pisano’s Kitten “Catches” Kindness, an endearing illustrated book filled with lessons for everyone, leading to a surprising outcome.

Dorothy Pisano is a Doctor of Education who has written curricula and proposals in many disciplinary areas of education. She has implemented national science programs throughout the city of Philadelphia and took the leadership role in setting up the Magnet School for Science and Mathematics, a large-scale magnet school initiative. She was an editorial consultant for the McGraw-Hill K-6 Science Series, and on the editorial staff for newsletters serving six counties of teachers from kindergarten through the secondary level. As a freelance writer for national and regional magazines, she has written in the areas of art, antique restoration, collectibles, and history. Dr. Pisano has been a university adjunct professor and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Torch Chapter of the National Honor Society, and the Phi Delta Kappa Chapters of both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania.

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