A Spiders Web
A Spiders Web
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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A young teen leave home under the cover of night setting out on an adventure with a man she just met. Now married and pregnant, She´s flung into a web of lies. A scorned woman fights for her old life, while his two friends want the teen gone for reasons of their own. Once on the run, the teen finds she has an ally that wants to save her, but will he make it to her in time.

A man with a shady past, creates the perfect life while fighting to hold on to his mothers vision. As his life´s dream manifests, his old lover struggles to destroy it, leaving His unsuspecting teen bride in the middle. Trying to maintain power, He soon finds himself fighting his best friend to keep his lies a secret.

As their life unravels the teen he married, discovers she knows nothing about this man or what things he is capable of. What drew her to this man and what secrets tie them together. Who will live and who will die as his spider web of lies unravels.

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Stormy Stewart has been described as a mystic, sensitive, and a seer. She was first published as a poet with a poem called “Life is funny”. Stormy has five grown up Children and now lives with her husband in Michigan while starting on a writing career.

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