Yaroslaw's Revenge
Yaroslaw's Revenge
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Halimpex, of Lviv, Ukraine had just been recognized as the world’s largest volume producer of glass Christmas tree ornaments, when on November 14th, 2006, Bohdan Datsko its owner, was gunned down as his white C-class Mercedes passed through the security gate of his factory. Despite seven bullet wounds to the neck and chest, nobody had heard anything; nobody saw a gun; and no cartridge casings were found on the scene. Bohdan’s driver, sitting beside the victim was unaware of anything amiss until he saw the blood.

Six days later, Mad Max Kurochkin, a notorious Russian gangster, was arrested on charges of theft and extortion upon his landing in Kyiv while on his way to make preparations for President Putin’s visit to Ukraine. Three days later, on November 23rd, Alexander Litvinenko died in London, England, of Polonium 210 radiation poisoning. On March 31, 2007, Mad Max Kurochkin was assassinated by a sniper's bullet, while he was being led from a Kyiv courthouse to a waiting paddy wagon. The sniper was not apprehended.

In today’s Ukraine, reality is much stranger than fiction. But Yaroslaw’s Revenge threads a story through this tangled web to culminate in a story even stranger still…

The western world’s press reported an act of piracy in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Sweden on July 24, 2009. Then, on July 28, the victim freighter, the MV Arctic Sea, sailed past Dover reporting, when hailed by the British Coast Guard, that all was in order. Yet the Russian Navy had already sent its entire Black Sea Fleet in pursuit of this ship - that was ostensibly carrying nothing but lumber. The MV Arctic Sea totally missed its destination port of Bejaia Algeria, and instead sailed slowly southward along Africa’s western coast.

In Yaroslaw’s Revenge the tale of the MV Arctic Sea’s actual cargo is the thread that links murder, assassination, piracy, espionage, drugs and war with the untimely death, on the third anniversary of that of Alexander Litvinenko, of Maj. Gen. Anton Surikov of the Russian GRU.

The Cold War thriller is back! This time it is Canada’s ITAC, the Integrated Threat Assessment Center, that holds the key to interdiction of a nuclear threat.

Preview coming soon.
Myroslav Petriw graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Married, with three sons, Myroslav lives in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC. He is fluent in both Ukrainian and English and is a leader in the local community for which he received the Taras Shevchenko Medal in 2008.

Recently retired from Ford Motor Co., Myroslav Petriw has combined his technical prowess and language skills in English and Ukrainian with his passion for history and applied them to writing fiction.

Not surprisingly, Myroslav Petriw has been awarded the Anna Pidruchney Award for New Writers for his first novel Yaroslaw’s Treasure.

Since then, while under contract as a translator, he participated in negotiations with Ukraine’s Ministries and State Enterprises giving him insight into the post-Soviet space that has served to enrich Yaroslaw’s Revenge, the sequel to Yaroslaw’s Treasure.


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