The Sabbath - A Day of Greatfulness of Gratefulness
The Sabbath - A Day of Greatfulness of Gratefulness
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“Why another book on the Sabbath?... My intention in presenting this book is to extract from the radiant crown of the Sabbath one gem that needs, I believe, further polishing to release its brilliance and beauty. The Sabbath invites us all to lend our hearts and minds to the task of renewed discovery within its limitless layers of holiness and blessing, of a most dazzling jewel on Sabbathʼs sacred tiara- the gem of gratefulness. What infuses the many facets of the Sabbath is the underlying opportunity it offers to rediscover life as a gift, experience gratitude for being alive, and articulatie this gratefulness in many expressive and heartfelt ways.”

“ I write this essay on the Sabbath as a humble “midrash,” a commentary, on a sacred text, Heschelʼs “The Sabbath,” and as a belated response of a grateful heart to a “poet” who has enlightened not only the hearts of Jews everywhere but the soul of all humanity as well.”

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Rabbi Henry Glazer is also a clinical social worker, counselor and teacher. A native of Montreal, Canada, he received a BA and BRE from Yeshiva University, an MSW from Wurzweiler School of Social Work, ordination as rabbi and a DHL in Jewish Philosophy from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Currently, he is adjunct professor at the Wurzweiler and Touro Schools of Social Work, and at the Academy of Jewish Religion. Author of several articles on gratefulness in “Conservative Judaism” and the “United Synagogue Review,” he maintains a website titled-“” Married to Rose Lederman, a clinical social worker, grateful father of Jessica Sarah, also a social worker, and Jeremiah Brian, MA in Philosophy and currently a film editor. Rabbi Glazer and Rose live in Fort Lee, N.J

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