Veterans Administration Claims
Veterans Administration Claims
What You Need to Know to Be Successful
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This book was written to help Veterans make their way through the maze of VA regulations, written and unwritten, that prevents them from attaining service connection. The VA, like any governmental entity, is difficult to work with. They do everything on paper and have not advanced to electronic files yet. Only 12-15 percent of VA claims are approved due to red tape and a misunderstanding of what is required. VA prefers you use Veterans Service Organizations to file your claims. I feel Veterans are not very well served by this method and advocate a do it yourself approach. This works well until you get to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims(CAVC) at that point, you would be best served by having a good attorney and nothing less.
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I'm 61 years old and a Veteran of the Vietnam War. I served two years on the Indochinese peninsula in Thailand, Laos and the Republic of Vietnam in the Air Force from 1970-1972. I have diseases from Agent Orange as well as Hepatitis C virus from a transfusion there. In addition, I have degenerative Disc Disease from a fall and an airplane crash. I filed my first claim with VA in 1989 and lost. I finally won in 2008 and am now cleaning up their mess from claims never completed in 1994. I live in Washington State. I use a pseudonym because my claims are still being appealed to the VA. The Veterans Administration has shown that they can be very vindictive towards those who criticize them. I have no desire to cross swords with them.
Great book. Very helpful in understanding what VA and VSO's can/cannot do and will/will not do. As a VietNam vet widow trying to go through DIC claim, this is an eye opener. Totally agree with L.E. Blair, Veteran Service Officers should read this book!
C.L. Brown 
I wish I had this book 10 years ago! While not a lawyer, Ask Nod is, without a doubt, THE most knowledgeable Veterans Advocate on HepC claims. A voracious reader, Ask Nod has gleaned through hundreds of thousands of internet posts, case law, and CFR's to assemble this guide on weaving through the maze of the VA's benefit process. Veteran Service Officers should read this book!

L. E. Blair 

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