World War III Blues
World War III Blues
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Is it possible for one man to save a country with just the words he had written? What if this man were actually a prophet and his songs had meaning far beyond that which he had originally intended? Bob Dylan finds himself exploring these questions after an unexpected disaster has left much of the United States underwater and bitter political philosophies have forced the survivors into a Civil War. He is now one of these survivors and the Legend discovers that he may possess the only secret that can truly bring peace and reunite America.
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World War III Blues is the authors first novel. It has taken him five years to complete this work in the sprawling forests of Pennsylvania where he was born and raised. He is a historian with a degree from The Pennsylvania State University. He currently resides with his daughter and the greatest wife in the world in central Pennsylvania where he is supplied with endless rivulets of creativity, with which he plans on using to bring many more characters into the literary world.

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