Tadias and The Pitbully Tree
Tadias and The Pitbully Tree
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Synopsis of Tadias and the Pitbully Tree Tadias is a girl who loves life. She has heard about a place in her town called, ‘I Like Me” Street. A place where she can be herself, sing and play with her friends. Not knowing how to get there she asks her mother to give her directions to this beautiful place. Little does she know that on her way to a place street where love and respect reign will be a bully waiting to scare her away. Tadias and the Pitbully Tree is a story packed with adventure and a boost of self-confidence for all children. In particular children who become victims of bullying. Tadias will learn that believing in oneself and asking for help can help her world become a friendlier and more peaceful place. “I like Me!”
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Saidat Vandenberg is a singer, songwriter and motivational speaker who talks to students on a weekly basis about bullying and how to make a difference in the world. She believes that “One person can make a difference. Together we can change the world.” She lives with her beautiful family in London, Ontario.

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