The Engrafted Word of God
The Engrafted Word of God
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Every scribe who is instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man that is a householder, which brings forth out of his treasurers things new and old. Our love for God grows faster than our knowledge, then our understanding has a great desire to seek to know God even more closely and personal, we rest only in perfect knowledge of God. Our love begins and ends in knowing Him. This perfectly unites us to God in the closeness of solitary visions, our whole heart, mind, and soul. Perfection is in love. Our earthly knowledge is changed in God's perfect light, if we stay in it. The perfected knowledge that God alone gives us is the knowledge that ascends. At first, we saw dimly, but then, face to face. We are allowed to interpret the mysteries of His Holy Word. We may bring in certain sayings of which we know the interpretation would lead the hearers into the innermost sanctuary of that truth, which is hidden. The Engrafted Word perfects purity, and slays death by the Lord's presence, which is the presence of His discernment. After the slaying of death, the disciple of Divine Knowledge is illuminated. The Word of the LORD is pure, and remains so eternally. But those who have not come to know God, which is the Holy Union of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, merely speculates, engrafting their own thoughts and inventions which is diluting the Word of God. Purity makes it's disciple a theologian of God, who of themselves , grasp the doctrines. It is written "Receive with meekness, the Engrafted Word of God, which is able to save your souls." The true aim of our Christian life consists in the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God. Only the good deeds done for Christ's sake bring us the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
This book will move you to touch the hem of His garment. By the intertwining fragments from the Sacred Scriptures written by Holy men down through the ancient ages of time, you will increase your understanding of some of God's hidden mysteries. God tells us in the Holy Scriptures not to sorrow over the world, the wars, the pestilence, and seas raging, that all of this must be. There are many religions in the world today, they are only a small piece, one part of the whole. They are all intertwined, they will be Engrafted into the whole, when their congregation passes through the Cross. Then they will be joined as one with the Children of Israel, which are the chosen of God. There is only One God, One Faith, and One Baptism. I guess the world could not contain the books written by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is the Teacher there is much scribal activity. There is always an appointed time; this is the time for us to receive The Engrafted Word of God. Give the glory to God Almighty, the God of Israel.
In my darkest hour when I thought all was lost, a great light shined on me, I was pulled from the darkness and nourished for awhile, from the face of the serpent. In the beginning of my studies of the Holy Scriptures, I was filled with the Holy Spirit that was promised to all them that believed. As my light shined, power took hold of me, as I communed with mine own heart, my spirit made diligent search. My spirit called to remembrance my song in the night, as when a holy solemnity is kept, as when one goes to the mountain of the LORD, to the Mighty God of Isreal. I began a Spiritual Quest for wisdom and understanding, that took me back through the ages of the ancient times, searching Sacred Writings. My hand became the ready writer, guided by the Spirit of God. As the glorious work piled upon my desk, many years past, these were but a moment. My love grew for the creation as the love of the Creator grew in me. I knew in this time, that all should read the deep thoughts of God. With the Father's help, I put these precious writings in this book and named it as we are all one Engrafted in the Word of God. Peace be with you all. All glory goes to the Mighty God of Isreal.

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