Growing Up in the Old South (1957)
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Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets; takes its title from some of the powerful influences that shaped and continue to shape our(mine and Katherine's) lives:

Sandbars (The Eastern Shore of Virginia and its environs)...where Katherine was born and lived the first twelve years of her life; where her brother was born; where I met the woman ith whom I have spent the last twenty-six years; and where, as a school teacher (father and husband), I found both personal and professional fulfillment.

Sandlots (Baseball) first love (and close to the top of Katherine's loves). We write about the fields upon which we played; players we met, ballparks in which we sat; our respect for the Game's history; and how a Southern family tried, unsuccessfully, to save baseball's greatest shrine,

I grew up in an era when the Game looked, felt, and was played very differently.

City Streets (Richmond and our Ancestry)...for a long time, Richmond stayed unchanged and very Southern. The town my grandparents, parents, and I knew, is rapidly slipping away.

This part of the Book alsofocuses on four very Southern women, all of whom had, and continue to have, a tremendous impact on me, and through me, on Katherine and her brother, Tom.

Elon (Etc.)...Katherine attends Elon University and will graduate in 2014.I graduated in 1980 (when it was Elon College).Elon, along withsome "random writings," make-up the final section of the Book.

We hope you find it a good "read."

C Growing Up in the Old South (1957) hris Jones is a Richmond native. He received his Bachelor of Arts’ degree from Elon College (1980) where he majored in English with double minors in Religion and History. He earned his Master of Education degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1987. He taught high school Literature (American, English, and Dramatic) for almost twenty-fi ve years; fi fteen of those at Nandua High School on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. He retired in 2005 and lives with his family in Midlothian, Virginia. Katherine Jones was born and raised in Accomack County on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. She moved with her family, to Midlothian, in 2002. Following in her Dad’s footsteps, she attends Elon University, where she will graduate in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts’ degree (with a major in Acting). Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets is her fi rst collaboration with her Dad (she came up with the title). In high school, she was a member of the National Art Honor Society and was Vice- President of the Thespian Society.
Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets, Growing Up in the Old South (1957), by the Father/Daughter team of Chris and Katherine Jones, takes the reader into several very personal and profound areas in the lives of the writers. The reader is taken across the eighteen mile span of the Chesapeake Bay/Bridge Tunnel, leaving the high-rises of Virginia Beach behind and, like Dorathy opening her farmhouse door and finding herself in Oz, placing the reader in an entirely different environment (the Eastern Shore of Virginia) that immediately wipes away fifty years and allows the reader to revel in the grreen fields, small towns, fishing villages, and relationships that still impact both authors.
Father and Daugter also step into the batter's 's box of several baseball fields, letting the reader know how the Game was perceived and played down in Dixie.
Like Russell Baker's 1982 novel, Growing Up, Chris and Katherine focus on the ordinary lives of extraordinary individuals who continue to influence the generations that followed them.
Finally, both authors are products of Elon College/University (North Carolina), and their deep love for the school is evident.
The Book is about the past...but keep in mind the words of William Wordsworth in his "Ode on Intimations..."
The Child is Father of the Man...

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