The Five Little Ducks Went to the Forest
The Five Little Ducks Went to the Forest
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This book is to make children think and to learn to have an imagination. Also it will help the children to count and see the differences in a sheep sound as well as a cow sound. The differences between big and small of each animal as well as the difference colors of each animals. The reason I made this book is to have real pictures of the different animals. So the children can have fun in seeing the real pictures in what they see everyday of their surrounding with their mother and daddy.
I Work As IHSS Provider( Working With Elderly People ) . So now I’m using my knowledge of experience in helping people. I’m helping the people in the community with all the children because it takes a tribe to raise a child and we as adults must take responsibility and have more interest in our Children’s everyday life of activities because we are losing them to the Worldly Things and the Wrong Doing by adults in society who are creating the cause of self-destruction of the young minds of the children of today. I’m in a sisterhood organization call NIA which means purposeful driven sisterhood. We help people in our community with needs.

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