Little Bear Rabbit Goes To London
Little Bear Rabbit Goes To London
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Take a look at the character in this book Little bear rabbit must go through so much to get to the Queen but through it all little bear rabbits gets to the Queen in the end and she gives him great honor and he smiles at the end. little bear rabbit knows that it will take all the will power inside to endure what he must get accomplished but he does listen little children do not believe what people tell you when they say you can't do things in life keep you head up.
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I have been a child of the most high with a bottle in my mouth from a baby I always believed in a creator I love the museum I love reading for long hours I have been to many schools in my life. I love being around family and friends and most of all I love the creator from above he gave me this as a gift. I go to Mount Zion of Oakwood village under Bishop Larry L. Macon and wife residing pastor Mount Zion One in Oak wood village OH.

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