Homosexuality, The Bible, The Truth
Homosexuality, The Bible, The Truth
The Bible Does NOT Condemn Homosexuality
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God is not the author of hate, nor is He the author of ignorance. His love, truly lived, brings peace, His wisdom generates knowledge of truth, and His grace leads us to end our bigotries and embrace unity in His name. Let wars end, let hatreds end, let ignorance end. May God’s truth set us free. This book is about the truth. The big-business purveyors of bigotry who make money keeping us divided against one another will do everything they can to destroy this book. I prayerfully ask you to read it and spread the truth. The Bible does NOT condemn homosexuality, and the anti-homosexual lie, invented by man, has brought enough pain. It must end.
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Wayne Gray, Author, was born and raised a Pentecostal. His early theological training came as the son of a Pentecostal preacher and continued as Wayne entered the ministry, himself. A zealot for God, Wayne began to find that some of what he was taught conflicted with what God was showing him. His quest for answers began while still in in the university, and he spent more than thirty years in scholarly research, six years condensing all of his findings, and one full year writing seven days a week to produce the manuscript for this book. Wayne chose to follow God. Nearly forty years later, the end result is this book.
This is an excellent book for the Christian seeker.
Bill Vaughan 
I am thoroughly enjoying this book. It provides a wealth of information that can't readily be found elsewhere (even with Google searches!). The only question I have is why the author lists the Book of Daniel as belonging to the Writings, when other sources list the Book of Daniel as belonging to the latter prophets. Although the source (Wikipedia) is not especially reliable, I still wonder why there isn't a consensus as to what section of the Bible a book belongs.
Steve Spencer 

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