A Collection of Writings  II
A Collection of Writings II
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In these pages are a collection of my thoughts, which I have written down. I hope all who read these find something useful from them. Some came from events, people, places, or companies I have worked for, in, with, or have had some form of contact in the passing of this time we have. Some are just thoughts that popped into my head. These all have different meanings for me: happiness, sadness, or ideas about others. All I can hope is you, who read these, enjoy them and find some meaning which will help you in your life quests.
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John Gregory was born and raised A in Chicago, Illinois. He worked his way through Barat College, a small liberal arts school in Lake Forest, Il., as a cook. His particular passion is delectable, decadent desserts. After graduation, he worked his way up in the Elevator Industry from tech support and mechanic doing both fi eld installations and maintenance. His inspiration for his poetry comes from the life around him—a word heard is enough to get him started.

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