GO EAST: Six Sons of Abraham and Keturah
GO EAST: Six Sons of Abraham and Keturah
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"Go East: The Romance of Abraham and Keturah," the first book concludes with Abraham sending his six sons born to him by his third wife, Keturah, east. (See Genesis 25:1–2.) Wanting adventure and to explore (hypothetically) they went west where two brothers had already done in-tern ship in Sidon, one a ship-builder, the other in government administration. These two brothers talked the other four into going back to Sidon with them. Settled in, things went well, why go east-now? Having put east on hold it took a catastrophe, (the act of the "god machine") to bring them to their intended destiny and so it was with Abraham and Keturah's six sons. Though baggage comes along with the mistakes in our lives, sometimes it has a mixed blessing; for stabilizing obligations, corrections, or direction to further the destiny making it more meaningful and appreciated as it happened in the lives of Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah, the sons of Abraham and Keturah. Story-line is based on scripture and history along with adventure, tragedy and romance young men may be involved in.
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Having retired from a home based business, developed health issues affecting physical activity. Needing a suitable hobby and wanting to write, learned to type and use a computer. All could be accomplished while sitting. Poetry is also a love.
Interesting in this book about how the first Queen of Sheba may have been acquired. Also where The Three Wisemen may have come from.
Doris McReynolds 

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