The Cartel
The Cartel
Perfect Bound Softcover
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On the streets of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Inglewood CA..., and, in a world of chance, survival, hope, greed, and uncertain success, there are tasks that must be accomplished, and somebody has to be man enough to accept the responsibility of that accomplishment. This is all in a world where almost everything you have to do is detrimental. Debo (D’angelo L. Jackson) teams up with Mad-C (Charles Write) to take on a mission where they must fight to stay alive. But it’s an even harder responsibility to fight to keep the people they love alive, and to hold on to what rightfully belongs to them. Debo and Mad-C use their skills, wisdom, and common sense to deal with the people who are trying to tear their world apart. They are up against a crooked politician who embezzled one hundred and fifty million dollars from his own campaign contribution fund, a multi-millionaire and C.E.O. and chairman of the board of directors of a very prominent yacht club in Malibu, CA, and two D.E.A. agents who also have a “little something” up their sleeves. Debo has the help of his adopted little sister, Joyvette Hernandez, who keeps him in check and watches over him, but is also put in harm’s way. She is bright, cautious and very alert. With all this pulling at them, they have to keep them all alive. They have until Christmas day to complete their mission. Will they make it through alive by Christmas Day? Or, will Christmas day find them all dead?
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I was born Dennis Charles Aggers Junior to Gladys Laura Aggers (Johnson) and Dennis Charles Aggers Senior on March 28, 1956 in St. Louis MO. I grew up with three brothers and two sisters. I always had a heart for music, cooking and writing as a child to my adult life. As I grew older writing has become my passion that I’ve found solitude in. My main motivation for my writing came about when my father went to prison in 1968. Focusing on the struggles I had endured and on what my life was to become without my father. I am on the road to success to further my goals and dreams that I have set for myself. Due to my very underprivileged childhood I am a self-motivated person who is very serious about my accomplishments.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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