Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy
Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy a journey that seem- by chance. But. I have come to realize that nothing is by chance. Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy to me that the spirit of a supreme being exist in all things living and can he shared when life parallel 's in one accord or a relative adventure transpires simultaneous in union with this supreme being. Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy reveals this reality through a special love that shows profoundness of this harmonious, co-existence with the supreme one . Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy also supports the concept that cats are creatures of myth and mystery. Those cats are affectionate, psychic. sociable and have variable personalities and attitudes and their behavior ranges from aloof, bright, courageous, lovable and beastly to downright bizarre. Possessing great dignity, pride and a lot of irony in their nature.

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Does it take a character to create compelling characters? No, but it helps, and Mick E. Jones is one and has plenty—of character, that is. An accomplished athlete, actor, author, singer, inspirational speaker, poet, and all-around fascinating talent, Mick E. is an amazing source for spiritual guidance of all kinds to all walks of life. His joie de vivre is infectious and should be required reading, viewing, or listening for the informed and inquisitive modern mind.
Its an oracle! ...and a miracle of love through the eyes of a reluctant cat lover
If I didnt know better I would believe these cats- each with their own tail- was channeling through Mike E. . Im not even finished yet and I know the next tale/cat will br just what I needed to hear! Meow, baby! 

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