The Hypnosis Guide
The Hypnosis Guide
Procedural Manual
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Consider this as a cram course in modern hypnosis as seen from the point of view of the beginner and from one who has been there and knows where and how to reach that new Plato. As you move toward a new career in hypnosis with the knowhow of how to get there and where during these hard times to go next. Now is to time to train for a new satisfying and profitable business of your own in hypnosis.

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Gustave Sorensen, born in Bronx, New York, lived through the Depression in the East Coast. From immigrant parents, a Danish father and a Norwegian mother, he lived a rough and humble life as a youngster. At that time, the city was plagued with gangs. At sixteen, he won the Golden Gloves in Maine. At seventeen, he won the amateur Golden Gloves middleweight championship in New York City. In 1944, when he turned eighteen, he enlisted in the navy, but after the war, he returned to boxing. He won in the middleweight division in Utah in 1947 and, in 1948, won the Golden Gloves in Northern California. When the war was over, he decided to use the GI Bill scholarship he earned while in the navy to get a bachelor's degree. He spent four years at the College of Arts in Oakland, California, and received his bachelor's degree in fine arts in 1951. And later, in 1986, he also got a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Dominguez. After college, he found a full-time job at Howard Hughes Aircraft where he worked for thirty-six years, while working part time with hypnosis. After his retirement from Hughes, he began his full-time practice in hypnosis. His first office was in Torrance, California, then in Los Angeles, and finally in Beverly Hills. Gustave also plays the bass guitar for two musical groups. He draws, paints, and teaches sculpture too. He lives quietly in Seal Beach, California, with his wife.

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