Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles
Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles
The Kate and Robert Chronicles
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Kate Quinn woke up with her world turned upside down. Her boyfriend of seven years has failed her.She is awake with a hang over and has to face a dying man she has grown to love. If it couldn't get any worse her soon to be ex's friend is coming at her like a freight train. She need a minute to breathe but can not catch a break. Robert Beckham is a driving force of nature. Serious, focused, well-trained, gorgeous cop who demands respect and turns heads where ever he is. From the first glance at Kate Quinn he became enthralled and knew she belonged to him. He spent the last six years patiently waiting for the woman he wants to possess. When the opportunity presents itself he will stop at nothing to keep her by his side.
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Suzanne Eglington grew up in Acton, Massachusetts. She currently lives on a small farm in Central Massachusetts with her family. Some of her other hobbies include riding, working out, cooking, shooting, archery, dancing and having lunch with the girls. Some of her favorite TV shows are Top Gear and The Graham Norton show. A few favorite quotes that she lives by are: Your present circumstance doesn't determine where you can go. It merely determines where you start. Dr Nido Qubein. If you do not change you cannot grow, if you do not grow then you're not really living... Unknown.

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