Velvet Bloodlines
Velvet Bloodlines
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is still only a theory because the link between our ancestors could never be drawn to us directly. What we do know is that we took a leap in the evolutionary chain and to this day no one knows why. Hints of what could have happened can be found sprinkled throughout history, and in the fi rst installment of Velvet Bloodlines you will meet the immortals that changed humanity for all time. You will follow Eleora on her heart-breaking journey as she discovers memories of lives she doesn’t remember living along the coastlines of Virginia Beach. She is joined by Sky, the original immortal, King of the crowned blood type known as the Kitra. As his kingdom is falling he struggles to prevent history from repeating itself in a tragic loop. You will meet different fi gures in our world’s history freshly realized and reborn into the present. Are we doomed to repeat our mistakes or will mankind be offered its second chance? A new threat emerges; as mankind was never able to evolve naturally an infectious disease is altering the human blood types back into their primitive form. The rise of the Rajini marks the beginning of a new war and new tragedy. Once the outbreak begins no man, woman, or child will be safe not even in death will there be peace.
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Angela was born into this world on Easter Sunday April 19, 1983 during the last snow storm of the season in upstate New York. She was an adventurous spirit from the start even at the tender age of 12 she showed great determination and tenacity in achieving her black belt in the art of Shorin Ryu. She went on to graduate from Samuel Clemens High School in 2001 and entered the workforce finding her place in the high impact world of retail. She has always been described as a dreamer with a wild imagination. With the advancements of technology she quickly gravitated to the video game industry, she was simply captivated by the story lines from all over the world. Angela wrote game reviews and was awarded a wooden sculpture from Nintendo for one of her reviews written for Yoshi’s Island. In 2005 she met her now fiancé and in 2007 they ushered in their daughter who is fondly called “pumpkin”. Her dedication to her family and business is described as being selfless. She has committed her life to serving those around her. By 2013 she began the first pages of Velvet Bloodlines and it has been her outlet, and her passion for the past year.

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