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“I moved to USA from Poland. I was 22 years old then. I thought it will be so amazing, just like I always thought my life would be. My dream of going to the incredible paradise that USA stands for many, was coming true. So happy, so excited, so fearless. Soon, my "color glasses" felt off and the real, very brutal life has started. Life to survive! My life went from wealthy to poor; from having lots of friends to feeling alone and forgotten; from not worried about food to that excruciating pain in my stomach caused by hunger. Never thought I will have to worry about being homeless but my destiny had different plans for me. I went from being loved, cared to that pain of being abused physically, broken down mentally. I learned the definition of true, deep, incredible love filled with passion, butterflies, happiness. I had the privilege to experience the pain of a broken heart; where my soul had been ripped out of me without any warnings. I went from somebody to nobody, from being smart collage girl to confused, lost little child. Luck of English knowledge, total culture shock and pure fear have welcomed me at the airport, where emotional roller coaster has become my every day companion. My road of life has been very hard, filled with rocks but I am still heading forward, dragging my luggage behind. Luggage filled with my life, life of a Polish immigrant."
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Awesome story!!! True confession, very personal and emotional :-)

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