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David Lipton, and Sandra Green, suddenly find themselves caught in a vicious struggle between Colonel Adam Jacoby, Director of DARPA, the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration, and Carl Melanson, Director of The Guardians, dedicated rivals of weapon construction. They believe David’s father Maxime Lipton, a renowned Physicist, left him with the plans for a weapon capable of immense power, and they want the weapon. .

David was horrified at seeing his Father and entire family suddenly incinerated in an unexplained car explosion on the Long Island Expressway, and a posthumous package from his Father, containing part of the details of the weapon not only confirms that murder had occurred, but that now the shadow of the weapon has changed his life.

He, and Sandra race to Shoreham, Long Island, where an eccentric scientist, the inventor of Alternating Current, Nicola Tesla, was reported to have hidden plans for a ‘Death Beam.’ Fear of being kidnapped by Jacoby, wondering whether to destroy the plans for the weapon if they find it, or to preserve it as a gift of free energy to civilization, strains their commitment to the search. The uncertainty of who is a friend, and who is to be mistrusted among the strangers offering help strengthens their need for each other, soon tested in the development of events they could never have anticipated.

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I am a Psychoanalyst, co-founder of one of the largest treatment and training institutes in New York City, who shares his time between my practice, and my curiosity about how things work, and how to fix them. An early interest in Physics, led me to minor in this subject, while also majoring in Psychology, and led to the peculiar experience of being caught between the exact nature of the Physical Sciences, and the more general, un-mathematical nature of human relations. This division of interests between the exact and the human side of things is what has led to my writing this novel IN A MIND’S EYE. The complexities of the human mind rival the complexity of the world of quantum physics, in its unpredictability, and sudden shifts in focus. The privilege of observing, and being a part of this makes life exciting, and full of the surprises, which enliven existence. IN A MIND’S EYE takes us on a trip inside the world of madness where things are not simple, accompanied by the complexity of the mind of the Psychoanalyst, also shifting in nature, and at times disconnected from his role as a respected professional. He at times flirts with death, in pursuit of the madman, and at times is beset with guilt about his enemy. Ludlow Fein is neither pure in thought and action, as is his threat, Simon Sawyer who fights the voices inside his head, and his rage at the memory of a betrayal many years ago.

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