100 Impressive Ways of the Gods within the NGE
100 Impressive Ways of the Gods within the NGE
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This book is a blueprint to guide you to the impressive ways that you can accumulate through the knowledge of yourself and the universe. This is commonly called the microcosm and the macrocosm, in which is the mastery of self and the mastery of the universe. I will show you different attributes that makes one hundred percent of the Most High and no doubt will you love this observation from the perspective of the Nation of Gods and earths. So, sit back and enjoy this revelation which is truthful and lucrative in value. Let it be a guidance in your personal existence and enjoy. Thank you for your support. Peace.

Well, I was born In Riverside and lived in Brooklyn with my aunt for a little while, lived in the Bronx and finally moved to Queens. I lived in Pennsylvania afterwards. But I received the knowledge of self in Queens, New York. I always took my lessonsĀ“ seriously, and it gave me a desire to learn and show and prove the lessons, instead of just quoting lessons that one cannot understand. So, I began writing my understanding at the time of getting knowledge, which was in 1979. I wrote many lessons after I knew 120 lessons, but somehow my lessons always got lost. So, I worked for years to get what I had on paper and sometimes I would buy laptops to write my understanding. Laptops often got broken and finally I decided to write my first book, which was called: "Revelation of the God from the Ghettoes of Hell in the Body of the 5%". Then I decided to write my second book: "100 Impressive Ways of the Gods Within the NGE.

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