''Excuse Me Doctor! I've Got What?''
''Excuse Me Doctor! I've Got What?''
Taking Ownership of Your Health and Making Healthcare Reform Work for You
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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"Excuse Me, Doctor, I've Got What?" The Complete Guide to Taking Ownership of Your Health and Making Health-Care Reform Work for You by Melissa E. Clarke, MD "Excuse me, Doctor. I've got what?" When the shock wears off, when reality settles in, when someone is diagnosed with a chronic illness, what do they do? Excuse Me, Doctor is a user-friendly guide that gives you the ability to take ownership of your health care. In this time of health-care reform, Excuse Me, Doctor empowers everyday people to get what they need from the American health-care system. In addition to practical, how-to guidance on everything from choosing a doctor to navigating insurance, Excuse Me, Doctor equips the reader with a self-health action plan to be your best advocate in taking care of your most valuable resource - your health.
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Dr. Melissa Clarke, a Harvard-educated physician for over twenty years, has been on the frontlines in educating patients about taking an active role in their health care. An emergency medicine physician certified in acupuncture, she supports the integration of the best of western and eastern medicine. She believes that whatever medical system we use, we each play a crucial role in our own wellness and healing. With her extensive knowledge of health care, she has been a commentator in newsletters, radio, and TV as well as Facebook and Twitter, @DrMelissaClarke, to educate and empower health-care consumers to be their best advocates.

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