Surviving the Warzone
Surviving the Warzone
Growing Up East New York Brooklyn
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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I could feel blood pouring from my nose and lips, my eyes opened slowly with a side long glance and a flash of my eyes I could see this burly man with this thick neck and a dark deep scared face sitting on me striking down on me with lefts and rights. I always believed by striking me he cleared the cob webs from my brain. As soon as my head cleared a little, I quickly grabbed him by his face pulling him down to me, biting him on his face. Holding him with my left banging him with short right hands, I tried to rip him off me by reaching around with my left hand and grabbing his mouth, he bit down on my fingers ripping off two finger nails. I just remember him being so heavy, I was gasping for breath I was spent I felt myself going, I could sense there was an all out war going on around me.
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I was born on February 6, 1945, to Josephine and Dominick Quarantello in Brooklyn, New York, into a second-generation Italian American. I went to PS 202, East New York, Brooklyn, in grade school and East New York Vocational and Thomas Jefferson in high school. At the age of sixteen years, I'd left school to begin working, first as a butcher then as a carpet installer. In the year 1965, I was drafted at the age of twenty years, sent to Vietnam, and wounded three times, receiving three Purple Hearts. After Vietnam, I married, had three children, and became an entrepreneur in the carpet business. Years later, I retired to Florida then relocated to Costa Rica. I relocated to Costa Rica with my wife to begin a new journey—writing my autobiography, rescuing animals, and performing music with local Latin and reggae bands, in which I was a vocalist and played saxophone and flute. I am currently living in Florida, performing music, completing my autobiography, working on a sequel, and living the best life I possibly can with no regrets and no apologies.

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