Nathaniel Myer
Nathaniel Myer
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How far can a man go seeking vengeance before it destroys his own soul? Software engineer, Nathaniel Myer, is a restless suburbanite whose world is shattered when chance places him in the path of a sociopath with the face of a saint. Nathaniel brushes off the fleeting encounter but in the hours that follow, he falls asleep in his wife’s arms and awakes to unimaginable horror. Nate battles back through frailty, grief, guilt, and ultimately rage when time after time, the four tattooed suspects who destroyed his life skip ahead of the police then completely through their fingers. Finding the men known as Number One, Two, Three, and Four becomes Nate’s sole reason for being until his obsession destroys what little he has left. On the street, owning nothing but the clothes on his back and a crumpled wad of papers he got off a crooked PI, more than ever Nate cares about little beyond his single-minded crusade. Fate has other plans, however, because when a cantankerous old army veteran with strange blackouts, an emotionally disturbed kid with too many piercings, and a feisty mother and child hiding from their case worker all need a hero, Nate is somehow in the right place at the right time, and the man he used to be can’t do other than help them. As long as none of his wards depend on him long term, because Nate doesn’t plan on sticking around anywhere once his crusade ends. But staying sharp and playing reluctant guardian lands him squarely in reach of the very animals he’s hunting and, most of all, their clever and elusive leader. Then abruptly, Nate’s life takes another series of blinding turns and the justice he’s sought so long is on the line. But how can he risk letting a habitual killer smile and slip away again? Or must he, Nate, become the ultimate bait and sacrifice?
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Margaret Sisu was born and raised in Barbados. Medical studies, work, and married life took her farther afield but her passion for fiction—both reading it and writing it—remains unshakeable. Her first novel, The Nude, was a Kirkus Best of 2012 and featured on She has lived in nine countries and speaks languages besides her own native English, all experiences which inform and enrich her imagination and her fiction writing. Chat with her at and on Facebook.
In Sisu's (The Nude, 2011) unconventional tale of vengeance and redemption, after a vicious gang attacks his well-to-do, suburban family, a father abandons his previously comfortable lifestyle in pursuit of the reckless culprits.
After a decade of marriage, computer programmer Nathaniel Myer is facing a midlife crisis. The novel begins with a typical afternoon car ride through the suburbs of Miami with his wife, Lauren, and son, Li'l J. At a stoplight, Nate compliments a souped-up Mercury Marquis. Its four occupants are appreciative but suspicious. Later that day, Nate wakes up from a nap to find that his wife and son are being taken hostage by four masked men. While Nate tries to negotiate, it becomes clear that these thugs want to be paid in blood: a notch on the belt to add to their street cred. Left for dead by the masked men, Nate manages to survive, though his wife is dead, and his son is in critical condition. After months of little progress from the police, the foreclosure of his home, the loss of his job and growing distrust of his associates, Nate becomes a vagrant with one motive: track down the men from the Marquis, the same men who tore his family apart. In Nate's quest for payback, he makes his fair share of friends and enemies. Though there's betrayal, sex and violence, this isn't a typical murder mystery. Sisu artfully keeps readers informed while sustaining heavy suspense as the story unfolds. Several chapters are told from a gang member's third-person perspective as well as from the perspective of another gang member's lover, giving clues that expose the dynamics of the ruthless gang. With relatable, compassionate but extremely flawed characters, the relationships are complex. There's also a consistent flow of playful, quip-heavy dialogue, one of the author's strongest suits.
An addictive revenge novel with guts and heart.
-- Kirkus Reviews

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