C.C. Bee and Grampa Bumble Find The Hidden Town of Beaver Downs
C.C. Bee and Grampa Bumble Find The Hidden Town of Beaver Downs
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Our story begins with Grampa Bumble cleaning his attic. To his surprise, the same day the attic was cleaned his Grand bee C.C. finds an old key that Grampa lost forty years ago. Then Grampa tells the story about the lost key, and the strange watch he had placed in an old box in the attic forty years ago. Once the watch and key are placed back together a hidden mystery is unveiled. The only problem is will Grampa and all the characters make it to their destination to find the Hidden Town of beaver Downs? Once again meet Grampa Bumble, C.C. Bee, and Winslow Duck. Big Barley the Bear, and the talking Cane. With new Characters like Artie Beaver, Millard the hare, and other exciting Characters.
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Marsha A. Prude is a native of Kentucky. Married and with five grown children. Marsha advanced her education by enrolling in the Institute of Children's Literature where she received her diploma. Marsha is also an Honorable member in the Order of Kentucky Colonels which makes her a Good will ambassador for the State of Kentucky and all over the world. And with more accomplishments she is an Honored member of Cambridge Who’s Who for Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. For those who like fan pages check out C.C. Bee moves to Honey Town at www.facebook.com and C.C. Bee moves to honey town and the adventures of Grampa Bumble. Marsha has had the privilege to shake hands and stand in a photo with Author: Rick Pintino, UofL Coach, Former UK NCAA Championship Coach, also with the Governor of Kentucky Steven I Besheare and First Lady Jane Beshear. She's also appeared on the Elle Scoop Show with talk show host Lindsey MaGaha. She writes in the story fashion form of anthropomorphism which has been popular in children's stories for generations.

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